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IR / UV 能量(照度)計

EIT UV(4波段)能量/照度計

The radiometers that first set the standard for the UV
industry are now setting a new standard with advanced
features and an easy to read display, multiple user
selectable modes, and PC communications for data
logging and trending capabilities.


Standard EIT Bandwidths (UVA, UVB, UVC, UVV) and the introduction of EIT UVA2
EIT’s standard bandwidths -
(UVA (320-390nm),
UVB (280-320nm),
UVC (250-260nm), UVV (395-445nm)
UVA2 (380-410nm)
UVA2 can be used to measure
UVA2 is available in a single channel Uvicure Plus II or UV
Power Puck II with UVA, UVA2, UVB, & UVV.