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Rapid Infrared (IR) Light Module

TUL 50600-M Rapid Curing Module

♦ Inkjet Printing Barcode rapid drying
♦ Screen printing ink rapid drying
♦ Silver paste rapid curing for Printing Electronic application


♦ Special design for fast curing, customized upon request.

♦ Competible with all kinds of production line.

♦ Competible with automatic printing production line.

         Model          Effective area
TUL 100-M 100mm x 300mm
TUL 300-M 300mm x 300mm
TUL 600-M 600mm x 300mm
TUL 900-M 900mm x 300mm
TUL 1100-M 1100mm x 300mm
 ♦ Control unit:Analog control, PLC, HMI with touch screen                    
 ♦ Optional: Conveyor system